Most awkward/hilarious sex moment?

Ok ok ok we’ll…that would be my first kiss, I was skipping class with my friends Brandon, and Chris and we ran into some of Brandon’s friends so we all left campus and sat at the book store down the street. We started talking and one of the boys (I don’t know the name of😝) was like “your gay!???… Dude I love you!!” “Dude you gotta kiss me, help a bro with his bucket list” I said no because I don’t even know this person and there a dude! I said if he kissed Brandon I would make out with him (because there both straight and I thought not in a million years they would kiss) 😣 they kissed! So now I have to kiss this boy! So I had no idea what I’m doing and I was laughing so hard because I thought I would never kiss a boy… I ended up EATING his face and it was so skyward
I hope your happy with my emotional pain 😘

hey i saw your pintrest just another face and i really like you you seem cool :) keep going xx

honestly I love when you beautiful people reach out to me 😀 and thanks for the complement


my name: ashley_ashley_summers

How'd it go?! What'd she say!


She said yes! :D

there talking about me

Ask me one more time why i am always plunged into my music

Polish Nationalists Attacked a Gay Rainbow

Polish Nationalists Attacked a Gay Rainbow